Protective Booties for Dogs

Zuko recommends shoes

For Zuko shoes mean walks and rides and, “Please take me with you (hint, hint).”

When Zuko would be walking and then stumble and start knuckling over (paw collapses where dog walks on top of paw, not bottom), we needed to buy protective booties for him or his paws would bleed. We used these Fashion Pet (Ethical) fleece booties. They are available in various sizes, but Zuko wore a medium. If the velcro strap was snug, they would stay on and not rotate, and they were very soft and easy to put on. They will require some mending, as Zuko would eventually wear holes in the top of them. Four come in a package, and we only needed two at a time for his hind paws, so they were cost effective and we were generally pleased with them.

According to the sizing chart on the package: X Large is for Old English Sheepdog size; Large is for German Shepherd, Golden Retriever; Medium is for Damation, Border Collie, Small is for Beagle, Westhighland Terrier, X Small is for Sheltie, Miniature Schnauzer, Minature Poodle; XX Small is for Jack Russell Terrier; XXX Small is for Toy Poodle, Maltese.

According to studies, what is important is that the longer you can keep your dog walking and exercising, the more it will slow the advancement of DM.

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