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Seatbelt for Dogs – The Original ZUKO THE DOG

Seatbelt for Dogs

Zuko's Road Trip 2013

Zuko’s Product Recommendation

ALL FAMILIES SHOULD BUY A SEATBELT FOR THEIR DOG. How terrible you would feel if your dog flew through the windshield if an accident occurred, or out an open window if you turned a corner too fast while they were sticking their head out enjoying their “ride.” Your dog could also die from escaping the car after a collision and running into traffic. If your dog is unrestrained in your car after an accident, it can make it impossible for paramedics to treat you.

We used this seatbelt on Zuko for four years and had one for each car. The seatbelt hooked onto the ring of his front end harness that the leash attaches to (front end harness sold separately), and then the buckle of the seatbelt inserts right into the car’s seatbelt latch.

Seatbelts can be purchased in packs of two. They are also available in premium belts, or brands that have a variety of colors to choose from.

Seatbelts can be used with a preexisting harness, which is what we did, or you can buy one specifically designed for a seatbelt. This one offers extra protection for large dogs.

Zuko says that safety was a big key to a longer life and more car rides.

We were asked about the cute boots Zuko was wearing in the photo. Zuko was about to walk on some hot asphalt in Palm Springs, so we put these Pet Life Ruff Suede shoes/sneakers on him so he wouldn’t burn his pads. If you are interested in these, make sure you buy a size up. They run small!

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